Ferretti SrL

40 years of experience in civil and industrial construction, in particular in the railway sector.
Large fleet of plant and machinery.
We provide our clients with highly qualified staff and a large and modern fleet of vehicles.


Qualified for the execution of civil works. Registered on the Qualification System of the companies who can carry out civil and engineering works on active lines held by the Italian Railway Network.


Even when we operate in extremely difficult logistical situations we reduce our intervention time to the minimum, to ensure rail service continuity, but always with due respect for safety requirements.
Emergency works


Quality, efficiency and rationality are the distinctive values that Ferretti Srl passes down from one generation to another.

The family-run business has been working in the field of civil and industrial engineering for more than 40 years in Italy, and in the region of Liguria in particular.
Qualified and specialized staff, its large fleet of plant and machinery and state-of-the-art equipment, mean that the Company occupies a top position in the construction field, especially in the rail industry.

Thanks to our machinery we can carry out a wide range of works.

We have operating machines such as excavators between 8 Q to 490 Q, wheeled and tracked shovels, dumpers, and self-loading concrete mixers; road vehicles such as different capacity trucks equipped with cranes and semitrailers; railway vehicles including locomotives, wagon mounted aerial work platforms, railway wagons, rail-mounted concrete mixers, self-propelled wagons, rail-road excavators and equipped wagons.

To ensure efficiency, some of our machinery is state-of-the-art and all of it is in compliance with the current EU directives for machinery.

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